Alice's Cottage Gifts!
Alice's Cottage Gift items are beautifully
designed and MADE in the USA !
The company
purchases the fabric in the US and local seamstresses skillfully sew
the items which are then silk-screened with Alice's unique, original
They are wonderfully useful products - the perfect Gift ...or
something to add the beauty of nature to your own home.
We have pictured on this page the designs we offer in these great
products- simply choose the Product you would like to purchase and
then use the pull-down tab to see what designs are available in that
particular product.
Lavender Sachets, Pot Holders, Aprons, Small Gift
Bags, and the extremely popular scented "Mug Mats",
 and more!
Alices Cottage Scented Mug Mats
Scented Mug Mats
Filled with real spices for long lasting scent, these mug mats release a delicious aroma when a hot beverage is placed on them! They are a great way to protect table tops and are perfect for home or office. The spicy scent is a wonderful combination of cinnamon, clove, and other pleasing aromas.
ACAPRON $24.95
Comfortable, stylish, european-inspired cooking Aprons in designs inspired by nature. Machine washable. One size fits all: 32" by 26". Large front pocket. These Aprons are as beautiful as they are useful!
Gift Totes
These versatile little gift tote bags are great for small special gifts - like jellies, note cards, soaps, cookies--or even a jar of our Cherchies Pretty Peppers or Mustard! These little cloth totes measure 6.5 inches by 5.5 inches and are perfect paired with an Alice's Cottage Scented Mug Mat in a matching design.
Original artwork from Alice's Cottage decorates each of these beautiful, durable Potholders. Each one is backed with heat proof silver cloth and measures 8.5 inches by 8.5 inches. machine washable. They are available in designs to match our wonderful Flour Sack Towels and Aprons, for a very special gift!
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Lavender Sachets Boxed Set
Alices Cottage Gourmet Caddy
Available in many of the same gorgeous designs as the adorable "Gift Totes", these pretty and useful cloth bags simply hold a little MORE of all those good things! Bag size is: 9"H x 5.5"W x 2.5"D
Great ideas for using
Alice's Cottage Gift Totes!
(aside from the obvious adorable Gift Bag use!)
  • They are terrific for holding
    vitamins and medication bottles
    when packing for a trip
  • They are the perfect size for
    keeping the salt & pepper shakers
    contained in a Picnic Basket
  • Just large enough to hold a small
    snack bar or other treat...or
    anything else you want to keep a
    bit separated from all the other
    stuff in your purse!
Ideas for using the terrific little "Gourmet Caddies" below
Possibilities for using these cute little cloth bags for Gift-Giving are almost
endless...HOWEVER, here are a few ideas for making use of these bags
  • OK, this one is large enough to pack lunch! AND, you might even want to use one of the
    adorable little "Gift Totes" (sold above) to pack things inside the Gift Caddy, just to keep things
    separated. (they don't have to match, but they can if you want!)
  • As you pack up for your next Pot Luck or backyard outing, these bags are a
    GREAT size for holding serving spoons, knives, etc.
  • Heading to the backyard to sit and enjoy the birds? Or read a good book? From cell
    phone to reading glasses to small field guide or even a snack, these bags are just
    large enough to hold a few things you might want to have with you, yet small
    enough not to be cumbersome.