Why do we love Aspects Bird Feeders??
Because they "Multi-task" SO Well!!
At Birds-I-View, we love a feeder that can be used successfully several different ways.
Many Aspects feeders do a Wonderful job of that. Just check out these photos!
Of Course the Aspects Jewel box Window
feeder is GREAT for attracting
Hummingbirds ....but see what else it can
do!! Remove the red cover to the nectar
basin, and use this feeder YEAR-ROUND to
attract a host of great birds to your
window. See our examples below!
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Photo by Vicki Questar
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Above: A Tufted titmouse enjoys
chunks of suet and live
mealworms in the Jewel Box
window feeder  
(with the red top of
the feeder removed)
Right: Bluebirds
enjoy a
snack in two
jewel box
window feeders

(red covers
Above:  a Red-bellied
Woodpecker Loves the Aspects
Jewel Box Window Feeder
filled with suet Nuggets!