The 2017 Bird Seed Booking Program
to benefit
River Bluffs Audubon Society
in Mid -Missouri
proudly hosted by Birds-I-View
in Jefferson City, Missouri
    THIS Annual Bird Seed
    Booking Program provides the
    best prices on the widest
    variety of Bird Food choices...
    AND benefits a SUPER local
    not-for-profit organization!
    Again this year, Birds-I-View has
    worked hard with our vendors to get
    great prices on quality bird food for the
    booking program.
    Featuring  Seed Blends
    comprised of NON-GMO
    There are 25 products on
    the booking, INCLUDING:
    The popular Sunflower Hearts (no
    shells), Safflower Seed, TWO Cardinal
    blends, Quality Suet, Peanuts, Whole
    Peanuts, TREE NUTS, a Woodpecker
    blend, Seed Mixes of ALL types, and
    one of our most popular items:
    LIVE Mealworms! Don't worry, you
    receive a pre-paid punch card, so
    you take your worms as you need them
    and the card never
    REALLY is the best, most
    economical way to have Live
    Mealworms for your birds all year
    long! You may purchase as few as ONE
    cup...but at these prices many folks book
    10-30 cups!.

    Thank You for supporting
    our local Audubon
    Chapter...which supports
    MANY  Missouri
    Conservation efforts !
    Steve and Regina Garr
    owners, Birds-I-View
How the Annual River Bluffs Audubon Bird Seed Booking Program Works:

1. Download a Booking order form from this site, or stop by Birds-I-View in Jefferson City after
September 15th, 2017
to pick one up.  The ORDER FORM Prints on letter size paper and is TWO pages. You
may fill it in and bring it into Birds-I-View, or Mail it to Barb Duncan (address on order form).

2. Choose the products you wish to book, and turn in your order form NO LATER THAN October 14th,
You will be purchasing your products FROM the local Audubon chapter , so please make checks out to "River
Bluffs Audubon Society"
and Do Not add Tax since they are a not-for -profit organization. You will receive a
great COUPON BOOK at the time you place your order...S
avings on products from Birds-I-View!

3. Pick up your Booked seed at Birds-I-View in Jefferson City on November 9th, 10th or 11th during our
regular business hours of 10 am- 6 pm.
PLUS: Birds-I View will Donate a percentage of all our sales during the three
"pick-up days" of Nov 9th-  11th to River Bluffs Audubon Society!
We'll have great savings for you, and our local
Audubon chapter benefits.
**Please Note: Birds-I-View is unable to store ANY booked bird seed past the Nov 11th
pick up date
. After that date, any booked seed not picked up will no longer be at Birds-I-View. There will likely be opportunity for
you to pick up your seed early:  Nov 7th or 8th.
If you cannot pick up your seed during those dates, you need to make
arrangements for some one to pick it up for you, or instead support RBAS is other ways (such as making a cash
donation to River Bluffs Audubon).

EVERYONE Booking their seed with River Bluffs Audubon will receive a Super Coupon Book from
(received as soon as you place your paid order) plus you will be eligible for terrific Door Prizes!

You Save on Bird Food and River Bluffs Audubon (and native Wildlife) benefit! THANK YOU!
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Pictured on this page are examples of just a few of the
great conservation and educational programs to which
River Bluffs Audubon contributes :
  • The Wonderful Educational and Outreach
    programs from the Missouri River Bird
    Observatory (Pictured below)
  • The West Edgewood Butterfly Garden
  • The West Edgewood Nature Trail
  • The Binder Lake Tree Swallow boxes
  • Wild Bird Rehabilitation (One of the FEW places in
    Missouri that will accept injured songbirds to be rehabilitated
    and released back into their habitat --also provides many
    educational programs).
  • The Prairie Garden Trust (a Mid-Missouri treasure
    of protected wildlife habitat! They host tours and
    educational walks seasonally)
  • The Missouri Prairie Foundation     (protecting
    and restoring Missouri Prairie habitats the benefit
    of our native birds, bees, butterflies, ...and people!!
    They also plan and support many conservation/
    Educational programs)  
  • River Bluffs Audubon Society Presentations   
    ( held the second Thursday of each month                    
    in Jefferson City, MO)  
Thank you for supporting the efforts of River
Bluffs Audubon Society by participating in
Bird Seed Booking Program!!
"Where does the money go?"
Bird Banding
Demos by the
Missouri River
Bird Observatory
Read more about
this Terrific
Members of River Bluffs Audubon Society
with Missouri River Bird Observatory staff
during an educational and outreach event at
the Runge Conservation Center in
Jefferson City.
THANK YOU for participating
in the 2017 Bird Seed Booking
Program and

"Donation Days" Sales to
benefit River Bluffs Audubon
We thank everyone who booked and
purchased their bird seed through River
Bluffs Audubon! In addition,

Birds-I-View donated a portion of
EVERY sale
at their store to River
Bluffs Audubon on the following
  • Thursday, November 9, 2017
  • Friday, November 10, 2017
  • Saturday, November 11, 2017
All sales these days benefited River
Bluffs Audubon Society

MANY THANKS to all who
Audubon "Regal" blend
90% shell free
Super Clean Nyjer & Hearts mix
(Nyjer & sunfl HEARTS)
Audubon Woodpecker
Gourmet Blend
Audubon Fruit and Nut Blend
Audubon Deluxe blend
(shell free)
Audubon Classic Blend