Bluebird & Purple Martin Quiz
Bluebird Eggs...Steve took this
photo of a nest from one of our
boxes several years ago....See
Question #7 on the quiz!
Bluebird & Purple Martin Seminar Quiz
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We hope you are able to attend our
Bluebirds and Purple Martins Seminars
March 10th & 12th     AND our
Advanced Bluebirding Seminars
March 17th and 19th
(Don't forget to register!)
Below are questions & topics we'll cover at the seminars
Bluebird & Purple Martin Quiz ( Answers given at our
seminars...remember, the Quiz is
just for Fun!!)

1. What type of Bird is in Photo #1- and what does it have in
its mouth?

2. In the photo #2 (left) which Purple Martin pictured is a

3.   Do you think the Purple Martin in picture #3 actually nested
in that nest box?? If so, WHY??

4. This question really has three parts!
a. What species are the nestlings pictured in
photo #4 (to the left)?
b. Approximately how old are they?
c. How many nestlings are in this nest?

5.   In Missouri, Bluebirds generally have how many clutches
per season?

6.   In photo number 5 what is unusual about this nest?? The
photo was taken on our Birds-I-View Trail.

7.Are Bluebird Eggs ALWAYS blue? ( see photo # 6). What if
your box has WHITE eggs? What are the TWO most likely

8. Which of the following factors is MOST likely to have the
greatest influence on whether a Bluebird will nest in a
particular box:
a. color of the box
b. height of the box
c. direction the box faces
d. available perch area in front of the box
e. availability of high speed Internet service

9. What is the most likely explanation when baby birds are
seen prematurely "jumping" from nest boxes or martin

We always enjoy sharing our Educational Seminars with
you! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Steve & Regina Garr
Nestlings snuggle together in
the above photo. ( See
Question #4 of our Quiz!)
Egg & Nest on the Birds-I-View
Nest Box Trail in Jefferson
City, Missouri. ( See Question
#5 of our Quiz!)