The Missouri Bluebird Society is one of our favorite organizations!
(Birds-I-View's history with Bluebirding goes way back...see below!)

We look forward to seeing you at the NEXT Bluebird Conference! Steve & Regina Garr
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Missouri Bluebird Society
The North American Bluebird Society was established in 1978, and has
certainly played a prominent role in the great “Return of the Bluebird”
populations that our continent has experienced in recent times. NABS
(The North American Bluebird Society) has an extensive group of state
Affiliate organizations all across the U.S. and Canada. Unfortunately,
although Missouri’s state bird is the Eastern Bluebird, there was no
“State Affiliate” organization for Missouri. After meeting so many
dedicated Bluebirders here in Missouri, we are happy to say that problem
has now been rectified!The "Missouri Bluebird Society " has  been
formed ,thanks to the efforts of  dedicated Bluebirders  across the state.
Following are the organizations officers & Board Members :
Steve Garr, Missouri Bluebird Society President
Larry Dobson, Vice President
Regina Garr, Secretary
Susan Reinagel, Treasurer
Jim Rathert , Board of Directors
Steve Smith, Board of Directors
Ann Smith, Board of Directors

Stop by Birds-I-View anytime to visit with Steve & Regina about Bluebirds!
(Or any birds!) Steve spent nearly nine years as the
for the Nature Society News.  A native of Nashville,
Tennessee, Steve Garr founded the state Bluebird organization for
Tennessee, and has served on the Board of Directors of the North
American organization as well as having served as their Vice-President
and President.  Steve and his wife Regina (a native to the state of
Missouri) also founded and maintained the “Shelby Bottoms Bluebird
Trail” in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, successfully fledging hundreds
of Bluebirds into this metropolitan city park for everyone to enjoy.
North American Bluebird Society honored Steve in 2011
with the
"John & Nora Lane Award for Outstanding Contributions to Bluebird
Conservation".Steve’s 30 years of research on bringing Bluebirds back
to the City, as well as his advice on bluebirding, are featured in the  
The Bluebird Monitor’s Guide, Harper Collins Press.  Steve &
Regina now monitor a "city" Bluebird trail in Jefferson City, Missouri and  
are very excited about the opportunity to contribute to Missouri’s own
Bluebird Society!
We look forward to seeing you at the next  MISSOURI
Steve & Regina Garr
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