Seminars and Events!
Dana Ripper and Ethan Duke from
the Missouri River Bird Observatory
place a leg band on a Black-capped
chickadee from the Birds-I-View Bird
Garden. They also record the weight
and other measurements
chickadee (above)
receives both a
numbered leg band and
colored leg bands. The
color bands will allow us
(and other Bird Watchers
in the BIV Bird Garden) to
"re-sight" these banded
birds . We keep a record
of the banded birds we
have seen to report to
the Missouri River bird
Observatory to assist
with their research.  
Visitors are always
welcome to the BIV Bird
Garden to help us watch
for banded birds!
Birds-I-View    Seminars & Events!
Banding at
Birds-I-View is very
honored to be
in the "Backyard
Bird Banding Program"
administered by the
FABULOUS folks from
Missouri River Bird
The Missouri River Bird
Observatory is doing
Conservation Work all
across Missouri and we
are so honored to be
involved with them.
Please do check out
their website (link
above) and
become a member of
their organization
Educational Seminars have been an important part
of the way Steve Garr has done business since 1979.

And it STILL is! Check out some of the Birds-I-View events
and seminars below and linked to this page.
See you at the next Seminar,
Steve & Regina Garr
Check out other

Above: Ethan superbly
explains the banding
process to the media!
Above: a White-throated
sparrow banded in the BIV Bird
Above: American
Goldfinch in Winter

Below: Comparing
an American
Goldfinch (back)
and a Pine Siskin

above: A Common
Redpoll in Winter at
our heated Bird Bath!
Please join us in the
Birds-I-View Bird Garden
for another Educational
Banding Demonstration by
Missouri River Bird
Observatory!    No
Reservations Required.
MRBO is one of our FAVORITE
conservation organizations
because of their knowledge
AND their dedication to
education and outreach.
see your favorite backyard
birds UP CLOSE and learn  
from these special people!
A very special THANK YOU to
Missouri River Bird
Observatory for being part of
the BIV  Christmas Open  
House each year! Their Bird
Banding Demo (in the BIV
Bird Garden) makes the
event even more special. We
can't wait till the next one!  
Next Banding Date:
Friday, December 11th, 2015
Birds-I-View is honored to have been
participating in MRBO's "Backyard Bird
Banding Project" since  2011! Come visit BIV to
learn more about  this special program, and to
help us watch for "color bands" on our birds!
BIV free Educational Seminars: August 8th and 10th, 2015
(Both Programs presented at each Presentation Time)
"STOP unwanted guests at your Bird Feeding Stations!"
"Hosting Hummers"!
Many THANKS to the over 100 folks that attended these
It was a pleasure to host the programs, and we look forward to
seeing you at the next one, Steve & Regina, BIV
NEW Educational Brochure!
Check it out HERE
And don't miss our brochure on
"Other Hummers"

December 11th- 13th: Birds-I-View's Annual
Christmas Open House!!
This fun event kicked off with Bird
Banding by the
Missouri River Bird Observatory in the BIV Bird
During the Open House the BIV elves gave away about 200 gift bags
and hand-made ornament feeders!
Read about it HERE
"Bluebirds in Winter" and "Visitors from
Canada" ( Missouri's native sparrows in winter)
Thanks for attending!
Our November 21st &
23rd Educational
Seminars were (as
usual) filled with
information, food,
door prizes, and super
Download the
"Winterizing Nest
Boxes" Brochure
MANY THANKS to our good friends at  
Missouri River Bird Observatory!
for ANOTHER great Bird Banding
Demo in the
Birds-I-View Bird Garden.
(NEXT Banding Date at BIV:
February 26, 2016!)
No reservations required
Thanks for attending:
"Bluebird Basics"
"Who's Nesting in your Nest Box?"
March 5th & 7th , 2016
Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!
BIV Free Seminars:
"MORE about
"Purple Martin Time"!
March 12th & 14th, 2016
Thank you Missouri
River Bird Observatory for
another FUN afternoon of
seeing our favorite Birds UP
CLOSE during the bird
banding in the
BIV Bird Garden
Friday, February 26th
Thanks too to everyone who
came out to watch and learn.
Thanks for attending!
We had another full house at our April
Seminars...Thanks for attending!
"Welcome Orioles - Spring and Summer"  &
"Woodpeckers: Nature's Home-builders"!
April 9th and 11th, 2016
Take our Woodpecker
"Photo Quiz"!
Just Arrived!
Drop by BIV to see NEW Oriole feeders!
Thank you for attending  our
August 2016 Free Seminar Series
and an All NEW program:
"Silhouette Birding"!
August 13 & 15, 2016

This years Hummingbird program covered all the hummer basics, however we also focused on those unique "Hummer Traits" that make these little birds so special!  
“Silhouette Birding was an All- NEW topic for a BIV Seminar! Birds don’t always give us a perfect view for ID purposes. ..The goal of this new program was to
assist you in Bird Identification when what you see at your bird feeder or through your binoculars just doesn’t look like any of the pictures in your Field Guide
Read more about the Seminars HERE
As Always, We had Great Door Prizes, delicious Refreshments (by Roly Poly Sandwiches!), Home-made "seminar snacks",
Educational handouts, and Money-Saving Coupons just for our Seminar Attendees! Oh- Plus a FREE GIFT for Registering
in Advance to attend
...NEW cute little "enclosure cards" featuring Steve Garr's wonderful bird photography! Every one received
four cards with envelopes PLUS one of our Invitation Cards--See a few Examples of those
(and then scroll to the bottom of that page )
Join us Saturday, July 30, 2016
for a special
BIV "Learn-Shop" Day!
(Way too much Fun to be called a "Work-Shop" Day!)
No Reservations
needed for the
"Learn-Shop" Day!
Drop by anytime between 10 am and 6 pm on Saturday, July 30th for a day
dedicated to
"How -To" Videos and Demonstrations!
Of course, we'll have Refreshments to share and even a door prize or two.

Read More about our "Learn-Shop Day" HERE!
June 10th- 12th, 2016
The Missouri Bluebird Society
celebrated their Ten Year
at the
Missouri Bluebird
Read about the Conference
Take our
The 2016 Bird Seed Booking Program for River Bluffs
Audubon Society
Birds-I-View is proud to host the annual Bird Seed Booking fund-raiser
for our local
River Bluffs Audubon Society.  
The Seed Sale Booking Program for 2016 is now closed.
Please take time to check out all the good
things RBAS does with the money earned
from this Sale!(click
Thanks for supporting this terrific
conservation organization!
The "Birds-I-View Birders" have filed their "official" report for the
2016 Big Sit Bird Count
held in the BIV Bird Garden Saturday, October 8th
Check out our Species Report, plus pics and comments...HERE!

Check out last years Big Sit
and species list
Check out the
2014 and
2013 Big Sit too.
In the tradition of ALL our Big Sits at BIV....there was plenty of Snacks
and lots of fun games and prizes . MOST importantly, ALL birder levels
were welcome.
In our favorite Big Sit game participants only competed against
themselves- so no pressure-- just lots of fun!!  Thanks everyone who attended. BIV
awarded over 60 half pound bags of bird seed plus many other "birdy" gift items to
folks participating in some of the games and events of the day.

Thanks for Attending Our Educational Seminar Series:
"Winter Bird Feeding"! November 19 & 21, 2016  
We once again gathered in the "Seminar Room" for Refreshments, an Educational
program, Door Prizes and FUN.
Congratulations to all the door prize winners ..... Especially the winners of the
"Little Bird Combo Kits!"
The Birds-I-View Annual Christmas Open House
was so much Fun! We thank everyone for coming.
December 9th - 11th, 2016
Each year the BIV Elves
make hand-made Gifts for Open
House Attendees... Check out
Gifts from past Christmas Open House
Gift is FREE during the Open
House-No purchase necessary!
See More BIV Open House Pics on our
Facebook Page
We WELCOMED our good friends from the Missouri
River Bird Observatory again this year for more
bird banding in the BIV Bird Garden !
Sunday, Dec. 11th 1:30- 4 pm
Thanks MRBO for giving us Close-Up looks at
Nuthatches, Chickadees, Titmouse, Woodpeckers,
White-throated sparrow, and even a Blue Jay!
2016 Christmas Open House
"Gift Tree"
BIV Elf Leah!
Thanks to all who dropped by for
"birds in the hand" at BIV!
This Free Bird banding Demo was open to the
public and provided by one of our all-time favorite
conservation organizations:
Missouri River Bird Observatory

January 20, 2017
1:30-4 pm
Exciting News at this
We had a "recapture"
of a Chickadee
originally banded at
Birds-I-View in 2015!
"Bluebirds 101" and   "Purple Martins"!
February 25th & February 27th, 2017
We had great Refreshments,
terrific Door Prizes,
the coveted "Seminar
and a Special Free Gift
for Registering in Advance!
THANKS for attending!
"Advanced Bluebirding" (Protecting your Bluebirds!)
Help with Predator Control, Wasps, protection from Heat and
Cold, Ant control, and MORE.
 It's was a Problem-Solving Seminar!
Bluebird (L) and Purple Martin
at Birds-I-View store!
Thanks everyone for attending!
We received lots of compliments on the quesadillas, veggies,
and Desserts AND the "Seminar Packet
" Educational Materials.  It was great to see everyone!
Saturday, March 11th, 2017... 1 pm Repeated
Monday, March 13th... 6 pm
Check out our "Nest Box Landlord
Learning Series"
Thanks for attending Birds-I-View's:  
Saturday, May 20th, 2017
9:00 am
and repeated at 2:00 pm
We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!
Of Spring and Summer!
Learn about the 2017
Missouri Bluebird
Deadline to register: July 5th