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you'll be helping us contribute to a Terrific local cause!
Click HERE to see some of the GREAT work your local River Bluffs
Audubon Society does with the money raised at this Annual Bird
Seed Booking & "Donation Days"!
Go to the Educational Page of this site to download our "Winter Bird
Feeding" Brochure for Tips on proper
Bird Seed Storage.
Friday, November 7th
Saturday, November 8th
2014 "Donation Days" SALE at Birds-I-View!
Every sale Benefits
our local River Bluffs
Audubon Society!
THANK YOU for helping your local River Bluffs Audubon
Society by participating in this Fun Event!
THANKS to all who joined us for the October 2014
"Big Sit Bird Count" in the
BIV Bird Garden!
We counted 43 different bird species at BIV including Yellow-billed Cuckoo,
Orange-crowned warbler, Golden-crowned Kinglet, Bald Eagles, Cedar Waxwings
(pictured left with berry), Black-throated Green warbler, Eastern Phoebe, plus a
fly-over of 200+ Double-crested Cormorants!
Get the Complete Species List and more pics HERE!
to River Bluffs
who came
out to share their
knowledge with

We had a full house at each of our
November 2014
"All about Northern Cardinals"
"Fabulous Finches and Pretty Pine Siskins!"
(Both programs presented at all three presentations times)
Saturday, Nov. 22nd        9:00 am
Sunday, Nov. 23rd        2:00 pm
Monday, Nov. 24th        6:00 pm
Complimentary Refreshments by Roly Poly Sandwiches, Educational Handouts, Lots of
Great Door Prizes, Special Money-Saving COUPONS only for our Seminar Attendees!
See you at the next Seminars!       Steve and Regina Garr
Christmas Open House!
December 12th - 14th , 2014

ABOVE: BIV owners Steve & Regina Garr , and "Elf Anna" by the BIV "Gift Tree" during the
2014 Birds-I-View Christmas Open House. Attendees received a special "sled ornament bird
feeder" (designed by Steve Garr and pictured below), along with a gift bag filled with Bird
Food , Reindeer Treat, a page of Christmas wishes & recipes for bird food AND for people
food, plus a coupon and biv birding bingo games to play! Steve and Regina and the BIV Elve
make SPECIAL Hand-made Gifts for every family in attendance...see pics of Open House Gifts
from years past
A very special THANK YOU to the Tim Smith Family Elves for their
assistance in making the BIV Christmas gift this year!
THANK YOU to all our wonderful customers who attended
and made the Open House SO special!
Merry Christmas !!

Download the 2014
BIV Christmas
Wishes and Recipes
Please join us in the
Birds-I-View Bird Garden
for another Educational
Banding Demonstration by
Missouri River Bird
Observatory!    No
Reservations Required.
MRBO is one of our FAVORITE
conservation organizations
because of their knowledge
AND their dedication to
education and outreach.
see your favorite backyard
birds UP CLOSE and learn  
from these special people!
A very special THANK YOU to
Missouri River Bird
Observatory for being part of
the BIV  Christmas Open  
House each year! Their Bird
Banding Demo (in the BIV
Bird Garden) makes the
event even more special. We
can't wait till the next one!  
Next Banding Date:
Friday, December 11th, 2015
January 9th, 2015
1:30- 4:00 pm
"The Backyard Bird  Banding Program at Birds-I-View"
Who says "little brown birds" aren't interesting??
We happen to believe this White-throated Sparrow (pictured
left) deserves a Medal! Come find out why Friday, January 9th.
From the Warmth of INSIDE Birds-I-View (and next door at the Roly Poly Sandwich Shop) you'll be treated to fascinating
information and photos about the Bird Banding Project taking place here in our  
Birds-I-View Bird Garden! Now entering our
fourth year
of participation, just what IS this project about ?? WELL....we hope you'll stop by to find out!
We are SO honored to have the
Missouri River Bird Observatory's Director, Dana Ripper, and Assistant Director, Ethan Duke with
us Friday, January 9th, from 1:30-4 pm. The color-banding project at Birds-I-View is only a part of a larger program they are
conducting. We are honored to be included.
Dana and Ethan are expert birders with a special gift for sharing and teaching others--Please come visit with
them January 9th and see for yourself!  

Our Thanks to everyone who participated in our Jan 9th event at BIV!
We learned a lot about the Backyard Bird Banding project here at Birds-I-View and
we thank everyone who participated in our "Learning Quiz"
. Of course a
SPECIAL thanks to the
Missouri River Bird Observatory for all they
shared with us and for allowing Birds-I-View to participate in their
Backyard Bird Banding Project!
Get all the details ( Plus lots of Pictures) HERE about
one of our FAVORITE Events:
Wilderness Wildlife Week!
Dates were Jan 24th- 31st, 2015 and this will be our 16th year to be
presenters at this event

Follow our updates on our facebook page
The Missouri
What did you miss?
July 10th - 12th, 2015
"The Watershed Center"
Springfield, Missouri
Check out the pics HERE
"Missouri's Native
Cavity Nesting Birds"
presented by Steve Garr
and hosted by
River Bluffs Audubon
Thursday April 9th
6:00 pm   
Prison Brews in Jefferson City
Thanks for
Remember to
pick a membership
App for
Bluffs Audubon
at Birds-I-View
Thanks for attending the Birds-I-View
March 2015 Seminar Series!
  • March 6th- 8th featured: Bluebirds & Purple Martins!
  • March 9th featured a SPECIAL presentation by the Missouri River Bird
    Observatory:   "Birds of Spring Migration!"
(Plus Bird banding in the BIV Bird Garden, see info left)
check out these Bluebirds (left) in
ACTION on our video on our

Facebook page
Friday, March 6th    6 pm         Bluebirds & Purple Martins
Saturday, March 7th     9 am     Bluebirds & Purple Martins
Sunday, March 8th    2 pm        Bluebirds & Purple Martins
Special Presentation! Monday, March 9th    6 pm Birds of Spring Migration!             
Dana Ripper and Ethan Duke of the Missouri River Bird Observatory presented a
spectacular program to a PACKED house! THANK YOU
presentation MRBO!
our Educational
April 11th and 13th,
Questions "
by Tim Smith,  
retired Missouri Dept of
We were so honored to
have Tim Smith as our
featured speaker for
our April Seminars! Tim
spoke to a packed room
of appreciative
attendees at both
presentation times.
Bonus Program:
"All about

featuring those Orioles that
visit Mid-Missouri, but
highlighting a few
breath-taking oriole
as well!
Both program topics
presented at EACH
Presentation Time
Thanks Everyone
for attending both
Bird Seed Booking
MANY THANKS to all who
participated in the 2015 River
Bluffs Audubon Booking!
Find out how the money
from this fund-raiser is
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