Bluebird Monitor's Guide
The ultimate answer guide for anyone interested in learning more about Bluebirds, to help manage a Bluebird trail or just to enjoy Bluebirds in your yard!
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Bluebird Monitor's Guide
Attracting Purple Martins
Written by J.L. Wade the authority on Purple Martins. He was the driving force behind the multi-room houses for Purple Martins. This book not only teaches you how to attract Purple Martins but also how to protect them from predators and other problems your colony might experience.
Attracting Purple Martins
An expert's guide to backyard squirrels (whether you love them or hate them!) This 32 page booklet includes a range maps and information on all squirrels as well suggestions on foiling squirrels and protecting your feeders.
Enjoying Squirrels More (or Less)
A great gift to go along with any Bluebird House. Packed full of information and pictures of Bluebirds. Learn about these wonderful birds and the plants to landscape your yard to supply natural food for them.
BWD315 $4.13
Enjoying Bluebirds More
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HC430        Bluebird Monitor's
Sorry, this book is no
longer in print....but is still one
of our FAVORITE  Bluebird
The Ultimate answer guide for
anyone interested in learning
more about Bluebirds, to help
manage a Bluebird trail or just
to enjoy Bluebirds in your yard.
Features "Common Birds" (50 of them).
Here's the list:
Eastern Bluebird                Red-winged Blackbird        House Finch
Indigo Bunting                   Northern Cardinal               Northern Flicker
Black-capped Chickadee   Brown-headed Cowbird       Wood Duck
American Crow                   Mourning Dove                  Evening Grosbeak
American Goldfinch           Canada Goose                   Ruffed Grouse
Red-breasted Grosbeak       Red-tailed hawk                Great Blue Heron
Ruby-throated Hummingbird    Blue Jay                       Dark-eyed Junco
American Kestrel                 Killdeer                             Eastern Kingbird
Belted Kingfisher                 Mallard                              Barred Owl  
Eastern Meadowlark             Northern Mockingbird        Great Horned Owl
White-breasted Nuthatch    Baltimore Oriole                American Robin
Chipping Sparrow                Song Sparrow                    Barn Swallow
Tree Swallow                       Scarlet Tanager                Wood Thrush
Eastern Towhee                   Wild Turkey                      Red-eyed Vireo
Yellow Warbler                    Yellow-rumped warbler     Cedar Waxwing
Downy Woodpecker             Pileated Woodpecker        House Wren
Marsh Wren                          Common Yellowthroat
Common Birds And Their Songs
This easy to use book and cd combination has 50 beautiful ID Photographs with range maps and habitate information. You will be able to train your mind to visualize these beautiful birds each time you hear their song.
Common Birds And Their Songs
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Guide" is
no longer in
Flight:the Genius of Birds DVD
IM1394FLIGHT $17.96
We HIGHLY recommend this spectacular DVD! Awe-inspiring footage of remarkable creatures. How do Hummingbirds fly backwards? Watch a fascinating depiction of how their tongues REALLY work to gather nectar. Marvel at the endurance and sheer wonder of birds in Migration. A sixty three minute DVD which makes a great gift for anyone!
Flight:the Genius of Birds DVD
Metamorphosis DVD
This amazing DVD shows every stage of a Butterfly's life cycle from egg to magnificent flying insect- and it does so in a way more captivating than anything we've seen before! Experience the breath-taking footage of the annual Monarch Butterfly migration. Apprx 64 minutes. A terrific gift for anyone.
Metamorphosis: the Beauty and Design of Butterflies
Flight and Metamorphosis!

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