Our Best Hummingbird Feeder
Glass feeder bottle holds 30 oz of nectar, with a no drip base; 6 feeding stations with removable flowers for cleaning; full-circle perch to gather more hummers.
32 oz Best 1 Hummingbird Feeder
The Best 1 Hummingbird Feeder has a two piece drip-resistant base and is easy to clean. It attaches to a 32 oz. glass bottle for our friends with a lot of Hummingbirds.
Hummingbird Products
Ruby Throated Hummingbird .
Notice the "leg band" on her left
leg! Leg bands do not hurt the
hummingbirds and are placed
on the birds by Licensed
banders. Their research helps
to determine life span and
migration patterns of these
gorgeous little birds!
Make your own
The proper recipe for
nectar is the one that most
closely matches what is in
the flowers hummingbirds

  • Mix one part with
    four parts hot water.
  • Allow mixture to
  • Fill feeders.


Clean feeder and replace
nectar every two to three
days for healthy, happy
Hummer Hat
The "New Hummer Hat" will attract more hummingbirds, keep the nectar cooler, proctect the nectar from becoming saturated by the rain and can stop squirrels from getting the nectar. The hummingbirds will spend more time at the feeder during and after rain storms when the flowers are closed.
Hummer Hat and Feeder Combo
This colorful combo supplies nice, cool nectar for your hummingbirds. It is as attractive to you as it is irresistible to them! The bright red tinted baffle helps to protect the nectar from the hot sun, while attracting more hummingbirds. A great place for your hummingbirds to hang-out during an afternoon thunder shower!
Sale Price:
Hummer Hat and Feeder Combo
Ant Moat
AM1 $5.49
Stop ants and attract Hummingbids with our "Bright Red" ant moat. Also available in "Bright Orange" to help attract Orioles. Remember to add water to the inside of the cup to stop the ants. Small birds will also use the cup as their own private bird bath.
Click Here
to see why we
this ASPECTS brand
We have been proudly selling (and USING) Aspects Hummingbird
for decades! Made in the USA , they remain at the top of
our favorites list!
Some of our best- selling Aspects feeders are
pictured below.     
Steve & Regina Garr, Birds-I-View
Don't forget to clean your hummingbird
feeders regularly (every other day when
temps reach 90 degrees or more). We
highly recommend
Care Free Enzyme
s: a natural product DESIGNED to
address the bacteria that attacks sugar
water. Call or email us for more details
Jewel Box Window Hummingbird Feeder
The name "Jewel Box" tells it all. Once you attach this beautiful little hummingbird feeder to your window you will have flying jewels (Hummingbirds) for you to enjoy. The built in ant moat allows you to enjoy your hummingbirds without having to be bothered by ants.
ASP407 $25.95
Jewel Box Window Hummingbird Feeder
HummZinger High View 12 ounce
*HighView Perch *Four feeding ports *12 oz. capacity *Built-in ant-moat *Easy to clean
Lifetime Guarantee
Features: High View perch that makes viewing easier and also encourages longer visits to the feeder, a rounded bottom that allows the Hummingbirds to get every last drop of nectar, built in ant-moat that blocks crawling insects,and 4 raised feed ports to divert rain! Large 12 oz capacity. Will accept Nectar Guard tips to stop wasp and bees.
*HighView Perch *Four feeding ports *12 oz. capacity *Built-in ant-moat *Easy to clean
Beautiful & Functional
Hummingbird Feeders!
These feeders, made from Recycled Glass, are
EASY to Clean, and DO NOT Drip!
(Weather DOME Cover sold separately or as a set with some feeders)
Pictured above Adorable  basin-style hummingbird feeder
(holds 3 ounces) with attractive Copper hanger.
Introducing the
"Lunch Pail Sweetheart"
Hummingbird Feeder!
A three ounce basin style feeder made of recycled
glass! No-drip, easy to clean bottle sets in a cute
metal holder with a great perch for your hummer
to sit!
Available in Blue (pictured), Aqua, or clear
The "Sugar Shack"
Hummingbird Feeder!
from Recycled Glass AND with
a Recycled Tin Roof
(please note...
Roof colors and designs will vary as they
are made from recycled juice cans)
No-Drip feeder holds 4 ounces of
Shown here in Aqua Color

P7BW1SS            $24.95
Decocrative Heart Hummingbird Feeder
(includes Feeder and metal heart-shaped frame. Holds 3 ounces of nectar.)
Decorative Heart Hummingbird Feeder with Dome
Purchase the Feeder and the Red Dome Cover as a COMBO and SAVE!
Dome Cover Weather Guard
BCDOME $14.95
The "Decorative Heart Hummingbird Feeder " and the
"Dome Cover Weather Guard" may be purchased
separately or SAVE and purchase them as a set below.
Single Cup Hummingbird Feeder with decorative Copper Hanger
Pixie Hummingbird Feeder with Dome
Lunch Pail Sweetheart feeder
P7LPSW1 $22.95
Lunch Pail Sweetheart with Dome
SAVE when you purchase the feeder with the Dome cover. Choose color of feeder (Shown in Blue). Dome will be Red.
P7LPSW1combo $35.95
"The Pixie"
Attractive 4 ounce Red Glass hummingbird feeder
P7PIXIE $19.95
Single Cup Window Hummingbird Feeder
See your hummers UP-CLOSE! Three ounce feeder suction cups to Window. Easy to clean and Fill basin removes from holder for filling without having to detach suction cups from window! Sports an attractive copper holder for nectar basin.
B6CWSC $12.29
A favorite feeder for
our hummers here at
The Decorative Heart
Hummingbird Feeder
HummZinger High View 8 Ounce
Same great Easy-to-clean and fill features as the popular 12 ounce model. Raised perch encourages hummers to visit longer. Has a built in ant moat plus accepts Nectar Guard Tips to exclude bees and wasps!
HummBlossom Hummingbird Feeder
Terrific USA-made Hummingbird feeder! Easy to clean and fill, has 3 nectar ports (which will accept Nectar Guard Tips to exclude wasps and bees). 4 ounce capacity. Made by Aspects and carries their Lifetime Warranty.