Designed by Steve!

Each December for the
BIV Christmas Open
, Steve designs a
feeder to give away to
the folks in
(examples below)
Pictured on this page are only a few of the Products Birds-I-View owner Steve Garr has
Designed, Re-designed and /or Modified
for the Backyard Birding Industry and for Nest Box
Trail Monitors (for the benefit of the birds and the people who enjoy them!).
2012 Christmas
The Season for Joy!
Wishes and Recipes
2011 Christmas
The Season for
(Birds-I-View's 20 year

Wishes and Recipes
2009 Christmas
The Season for
Wishes and Recipes
LEFT:  Steve places the
ornament/feeder he
designed (and BIV Elves
made!) on the Christmas
tree at our Open House for
attendees to receive as their
Christmas Gift from
Birds-I-View.  Please join us
for the next BIV Christmas
Open House!
2010 Christmas
The Season for
Wishes and Recipes
The BIV Nest Box,
BIV Nest Box Pole, and
BIV Snake & Raccoon Baffle
all designed by Steve Garr with the
safety of YOUR Cavity-nesters in mind!
Download the
Birds-I-View Nest Box
Exclusively for Birds-I-View
Steve designed this nest box
pole in the 1980s to meet the
needs of folks wanting a
durable pole to which the
box could easily mount, and
the entire system could
easily "step -in" to the
ground to be erected. (made
of STURDY Steel tubing)
Sorry, due to size this item is
available "in-Store" only.
Left: Steve makes
certain the BIV
Nest Box Pole is
level before
mounting a new
box on the
Birds-I-View Trail.
Download the BIV Baffle
assembly instructions
Steve's revision of older Snake and Raccoon
Baffles is unique because it provides a
sturdier system which  is easier to assemble,
while doing the best possible job at deterring
snakes, raccoons and other predators.
(The BIV Snake and Raccoon Baffle
Assembly instructions are also
available for other pole types.

Just call or email or stop by the store
for instructions.
The Birds-I-View "Heavy Duty Trail Box"
Steve designed this nest
box with all the great
features of the standard
BIV Nest Box ( ie Long
Roof,  Side-opening,
designed for the safety of
the birds nesting),
however he made a few
adjustments which will
add years of life to the nest
box! The Roof is
constructed of long-lasting
TREX material and the
front and back of the box
are even thicker wood for
more durability. Metal
Portal on entrance hole
protects from Damage by
woodpeckers and
Get Details or
Purchase this
Click HERE to
these BIV
Steve installs a
BIV Heavy Duty
Trail Box on
our Nest Box
Trail in
Jefferson City,
Evolution of a Bluebird Feeder!
Birds-I-View owner Steve
Garr Designed and built
this home-made Bluebird
Feeder  in the
several were sold just like
Steve's Bluebird Feeder
design progressed to this
version and was  featured in
the "Bird Watch America"
Industry Trade Show as the
"Deluxe Bluebird Feeder"
In 2008 Steve designed this version
of the Bluebird Feeder for a Missouri
Bird Feeder company utilizing many
materials from their product already
in existence...the "Sky Cafe Bluebird
Purchase this
Bluebird Feeder

See this
on our
The Birds-I-View
"Suet Log Bird Feeder Kit"!
Designed by Steve Garr ...a BIV Exclusive!
Make a memory....and enjoy it all year long!
This Kit requires only a screw driver to
assemble and comes with easy-to-follow
instructions, as well as
a copy of our favorite
home-made suet recipes
that are perfect to use
with this feeder!
The Season for Peace
Wishes and Recipes
Stop by Birds-I-View to
talk to owner
Steve Garr about the
"In-Box" live trap he
has developed to help
protect our native
cavity-nesting species
from predation by
non-native birds.

Left:  Steve has designed some great ways
to help our cavity-nesting birds stay cooler
during those summertime heat waves. He
presented some of his research in this area
at the 2013 Missouri Bluebird conference.
HERE for a few highlights and
"how-to" directions.
The Season for old
fashioned Fun!
Wishes and Recipes
The Season for  
"Timeless Treasures"!
Wishes and Recipes
The Birds-I-View "Little Bird Nest Box"
Concerned that most "wren boxes" or small bird nest boxes on the market did not provide for an adequate
means to MONITOR the box, Birds-I-View owner Steve Garr designed this
"BIV Little Bird Nest Box".  This nest box is perfect for Chickadees, Wrens, Titmice, Nuthatches and more!
Below: A chickadee nest
in the Little Bird
Nest Box
The "Little Bird Nest Box" is
available completely
assembled and ready to hang
OR... it may be purchased as a
FUN kit to put together.
The kit
version is packaged with Three  washable
color markers to decorate your nest box,  
easy-to-follow instructions with pictures, and
an Educational Brochure all about the
different birds which can utilize the  "BIV
little Bird nest Box"!
A Great Gift
for young and not-so-young! Not
merely a "craft project" this is a gift
they'll enjoy USING for years to come!
BIV Exclusive!
Now Available:
Little Bird COMBO Kit!
Comes with all components for
BOTH a Fly-Thru Feeder AND a
Little Bird Nest Box! Enjoy the
feeder now, convert to a nest box
in the Spring!
Little Bird Combo Kit
Little Bird Fly-Thru Kit
Little Bird
Feeder Kit
Little Bird Nest Box Kit
BIV Suet Log Feeder Kit
BIV Combo Kit Bonus Pack
SAVE! Receive BOTH the Little Bird Combo Kit and the BIV Suet Log Feeder Kit! You will have a Fly-Thru Feeder which converts to a Nest Box in the nesting season, and a Suet Log feeder for all year long!
Sale Price:
2016 Christmas
The Season for  
BIV's 25th
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2017 Christmas
The Season for  
Wishes and Recipes
BIV Exclusive!
BIV Exclusive!
by Steve Garr:
Whole Peanut Feeder!
Order it
BIV Exclusive!