2017 Christmas
The Season for  
Wishes and Recipes
2016 Christmas
The Season for  
BIV's 25th
Wishes and Recipes
The Season for  
"Timeless Treasures"!
Wishes and Recipes
The Season for old
fashioned Fun!
Wishes and Recipes
2013 Christmas
The Season for Peace
Wishes and Recipes
2012 Christmas
The Season for Joy!
Wishes and Recipes
2011 Christmas
The Season for
(Birds-I-View's 20 year
Wishes and Recipes
2010 Christmas
The Season for
Wishes and Recipes
2009 Christmas
The Season for
Wishes and Recipes
Christmas Open House!
A truly Special event, our Christmas Open House features a Gift Bag for every
family in attendance!
Each Gift Bag includes: a Home-made Gift, hand made by Steve and Regina (and our
special BIV elves!),
Bird Food,  Flying Reindeer Treat, our "Christmas Wishes and
...and, Most Importantly, the Christmas Story to read and share!
Take a look at the Free Gifts from previous years and click onto the "Wishes and Recipes" from each year below to
check out the special things we chose to share that particular year to THANK our customers for being so special!
We are so honored that each year at
our Christmas Open House the good
folks from the
Missouri River Bird
Observatory come to band the birds
in the BIV bird garden and teach us
more about these beautiful wild
creatures! Stay tuned to our website
for date and time of the bird banding
Demo during the Open House each
2018 Christmas
The Season for  
Wishes and Recipes
2019 Christmas
The Season for  
Wishes and Recipes
The Annual Birds-I-View
Christmas Open House is a very Special Event!
Our way of sharing the Christmas Story and letting our customers
know how much we appreciate them. Each year Steve designs a
new bird feeder/ornament (hand-crafted by Steve, Regina and the
wonderful BIV elves). A gift bag filled with special things
accompanies each feeder/ornament as our Gift.  
The elves make
EXTRA gifts each year and BIV sells them as a fund-raiser
for the
Missouri River Bird Observatory after the Open
House is over.
One hundred percent of the funds collected for the
feeder/ornaments after the Open House goes to the very deserving
Missouri River Bird Observatory.
2020 Christmas
The Season for
"Comfort & Joy!"
Wishes and Recipes