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Since our inception in 1991, the Birds-I-View mission statement has been:
"Providing Products and Information to benefit Wildlife".
That will never change! (just check out our "Educational Page" on this website)
Our Motto however is........"Eat while you Watch Birds Eat!"
We think it is great fun to enjoy good food, good friends and Bird we offer these delicious treats (for
people!) and a few recipes,  to enhance your bird watching experience.
Birds and Beans Coffee: Chestnut-sided Warbler
Medium Roast.Shade grown Smithsonian certified ‘Bird Friendly®� coffee, which is also USDA Organic and Fair-Trade certified. From farmers in the Northern Nicaraguan Highlands, shows black cherry, raisin, cranberry, brown sugar and roasted chestnut in the cup. A BIV TOP SELLER! 12 ounce bag.
Birds and Beans Coffee: Wood Thrush
BBWOTH $13.95
A breakfast roast. Triple certified, Bird Friendly/Fair-Trade/USDA Organic. Supporting the farmers association of the Sierras de Managua and Carazo Plateau, traditional shade coffee for over 165 years creating an area that is a bird conservation, watershed, soil bank, carbon sink and rural employment zone of major importance. 12 ounce bag.
Birds and Beans Coffee: American Redstart
Shade grown Smithsonian certified ‘Bird Friendly®’ coffee, which is also USDA Organic and Fair-Trade certified. From farmers Asociaci󮠃ivil Guaya'b in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala, smooth and full-bodied with heavy notes of cocoa and walnuts. The acidity is mellow and reminiscent of red apples A light roast. 12 ounce bag.
Birds and Beans Coffee: Scarlet Tanager
Shade grown Smithsonian certified ‘Bird Friendly®� coffee, which is also USDA Organic and Fair-Trade certified. From farmers co-op La Florida, high in the Andes in Peru, has a smooth creamy mouth feel with savory sweetness of chocolate, caramel and almond. 12 ounce bag.

Good for the Birds, AND...GREAT-tasting coffee!
(Since 2005 we have sold and served 3 different brands of
shade-grown coffees at BIV... now we ONLY stock Birds and
Beans because they are the BEST coffee for Birds and People!
Scroll down for Options! (all 12 oz bags)
Birds and Beans Coffee: Baltimore Oriole (decaf)
Baltimore Oriole, French Roast Decaf, water process caffeine extraction, a Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center certified ‘Bird Friendly®� Shade Grown coffee which is also USDA Organic and Fair Trade certified. 12 ounce bag.
Champaign Mustard
Hands down the best-tasting mustard on the market! Here at BIV we serve it at our Educational Seminars as a dip for pretzels, and it is the defining ingredient in the Cherchies "Festive Deviled Eggs" recipe (recipe on our website). 8 ounce jar.
Hot Banana Pepper Mustard
Like a little more heat in your mustard? Try the award-winning "Cherchies Hot Banana Pepper Mustard". Still a mustard with a sweet side, but there's some heat to match! A BIV Customer favorite when served with Pretzels as a dip. 8 ounce jar.
Rabbit Creek Brownie Mixes
These are Wonderfully Gooey Brownies and easy to prepare! The Creme Brulee mix is the perfect combination of toffee and chocolate. The Mississippi Mudd mix has a rich fudge frosting. Other flavors include: Chocolate Peanut butter, Amazing Wine Brownie mix, and Salted Caramel Crunch! Each makes an 8 x 8 inch pan of rich brownies. All are attractively packaged and perfect for gift-giving.
Special Birds-I-View
"Bird Watching Recipes"
BIV Customer- Favorite
Recipes, like Festive
Deviled Eggs, sweet
potato biscuits, Cocktail
Meatballs and more!
Cranberry Hot Pepper Jam
This unique jam is delicious as a glaze for pork and ham. Spoon on top of cream cheese and serve with crackers for a delicious hors d'oeuvre. is one of the "Secret ingredients" in our "BIV Cocktail Meatballs"! Get the recipe on our website.
Invite Friends over to
"Eat while you Watch Birds Eat"!!
Fill the Bird Feeders, make some Yummy
Snacks (for people) and invite some good
friends over to watch YOUR birds while you
Make it even more special by sending a  "real"
Invitation -not just an email.
Here, we'll help:
Download and print one of these"Bird watching
Invitations", fold into a card (no envelope needed),  fill in
the blanks, affix a stamp, and get ready to visit!

Winter Bird Watching Invitation
Fall Bird Watching invitation  
Spring/Summer Bird Watching Invitation
Pretty Peppers
Sweet diced Red Bell Peppers in a very special sweet/tart syrup. Makes a super QUICK and delicious appetizer when poured over a softened block of cream cheese and served with crackers. Also a main ingredient in the "Festive Deviled Eggs" recipe loved by so many of our customers and found on this website. 7 ounce jar.
Check out this GREAT Recipe for Deviled Eggs
( Using the Champaign Mustard above and the
Pretty Peppers on this page)
We proudly sell Birds and Beans
"Shade-grown" Coffees.....
CERTIFIED "Bird Friendly" by the           
Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center
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Summertime Recipe
Page...complete with grilling
(so you can "Eat while you
watch Birds Eat"!)
Birds and Beans Coffee: Kingbird
Triple certified, Bird Friendly/Fair-Trade/USDA Organic, a wonderful blend of coffees - balanced, sweet, somewhat bright with good body, has dominant Mandarin orange on the aroma, with nutty sweet toffee, clean and smooth in the cup. Espresso Blend. 12 ounce bag.
What does Coffee have to do
Birds?  Well...we have a
brochure to explain!
Check out our
for the
More Recipes
(favorite snacks frequently
served at BIV Educational

We have another
New Brochure
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