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Jim Rathert Gift Items
About Jim Rathert:
As the owners of Birds-I-View, we
certainly have the opportunity to
represent products from many
photographers- -yet we choose to
represent ONLY Jim Rathert!
Jim's products and Photography
are the
best in the industry . He
has spent a lifetime devoted to
Conservation and his
photography reflects that.
Jim was the
photographer for the
Missouri Conservationist
magazine for 21 years and
earned a well-deserved
reputation as one of the
Midwest's Premier nature
. He has also
earned a reputation for having a  
sincere interest in Conservation
and our native wildlife. Jim is a
charter member and founding
Board Member of the
Bluebird Society.
He is active in
many other nature and
conservation organizations and
has won countless awards for
both his photography and his
contributions to wildlife.  

Jim designs and hand-crafts all
his product right here in
Mid-Missouri and only produces
products of the highest quality.  
Every product bearing one of his
utilizes a process that
actually causes the image to
become a part of the product
( the image will not "peel
off" of the product!).  All of the
mugs are Microwave AND
Dishwasher Safe!

Thank you Jim for your
appreciation of nature, and for
capturing those images so
beautifully for the rest of us to

Steve & Regina Garr
Owners, Birds-I-View
"Bad Heron Day" and "Bald is Beautiful"
Gift items from Jim Rathert Photography!
Jim's "Bald is Beautiful" design is
available in 11 ounce Mugs and
Mouse Pads! The design features the
"gorgeous" looks of a Turkey Vulture,
Black Vulture,
Bald Eagle, and Wood Stork.
What makes Jim Rathert Photography one of our favorite
Well his sense of humor for one thing! Check
out his new
"Bad Heron Day" design. Available in an 11
ounce Mug (Dishwasher and Microwave safe, by the way)
and in Mouse Pads and Foam Coasters.
Mugs by Jim Rathert Photography  
are Dishwasher & Microwave Safe!  
Great Horned Owl
Painted Bunting
Blue Jay
Winter Feeder Favorites
Colorful Summertime
Bald Eagle
Screech Owl
Short-eared Owl
Carolina Wren
The "Five Owl" Mug features:
Barred, Screech, Northern
Saw-whet, Barn, and Great Horned
Owls on one mug.
Jim Rathert 11 ounce Mugs
Choose from over a dozen gorgeous images to grace these durable 11 ounce ceramic mugs. Dishwasher and Microwave Safe!
Jim Rathert Photography Owl Mugs (11 ounce)
Spectacular photos on mugs which are dishwasher and microwave safe!
Owl Coasters by Jim Rathert Photography
Jim's superb owl images on a durable (and washable!)four inch round foam rubber coaster.
Round Foam Rubber Coasters
These 4 inch round foam rubber coasters bear the images to match Jim Rathert's spectacular mugs. Very durable (the images will not peel or wear off!)these coasters can be washed by hand in mild dishwashing liquid for easy clean-up. A practical gift that will last for many years, and the perfect gift when paired with a matching Rathert Mug!
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Bad Heron Day mug
Bad Heron Day Foam Coaster
Bad Heron Day Mouse Pad
Bald is Beautiful 11oz mug
Bald is Beautiful mouse pad from Jim Rathert
JRBALDmouse $10.95
Check out Jim Rathert's new "Wild Indigo" line of mugs and Coasters.
ORDER by selecting your design choice in  the purple boxes above
Snowy Owl
design: WI Goldfinch
design: WI Indigo
design: WI Cardinal
design: WI Bluebird
Colorful Summertime Birds        
Three Owl combo
features: Barn Owl,
Short-eared Owl, and
Great Horned Owl.
Eastern Bluebirds
American Goldfinch
Baltimore Oriole
Northern Cardinal in Dogwood
Pileated Woodpecker
The Perfect Jar Openers!
from Jim Rathert Photography
One is a sly Raccoon who says
"I can Open it"!
The other is a pair of vultures who offer to "Eat the Leftovers"!
This sneaky little squirrel claims
"It wasn't me" !
(Of course,  it really WAS)
Available in an 11 ounce ceramic Mug
with blue interior, in a 4 inch round foam
rubber Coaster, and in an approx              
5 inch x 6 inch Mini-Mousepad.
It Wasn't Me Squirrel Coaster
Jar Openers
Functional Jar Openers have a sense of humor!
ORDER Mugs Here:
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The Jim Rathert Photography Owl Collection!
Fritillary Butterflies
Red-spotted Purple
(plus Swallowtail and Red Admiral)
Swallowtail  Butterflies
Rathert Butterfly Mug
Rathert Butterfly Coaster
Jim Rathert's Butterfly Collection

These gorgeous
images on 11
ounce ceramic
mugs with blue

The coasters are
4 inch round
foam rubber-
light weight and
It Wasn't Me Mini Mousepad
Sale Price:
It Wasn't Me Suirrel Mug
Sale Price:
Barn Owl
NEW Design!    The "Five Owl Mug"
Wolves Design available in
11 ounce Mug and Foam Coaster
NEW Design...
See More Great Eclipse
items and designs
(including Jim's "Great
American Eclipse
" Design!)
Order Jim Rathert's Eclipse Mugs  
Two Great Designs, Two Great Sizes.
Choose your favorite...or get both!
Gorgeous Christmas
Giftware from
Jim Rathert!
Christmas Mug - eleven ounce
JR03CH $12.95
Christmas Mug - fifteen ounce
Christmas coaster - square foam
JRCCH $2.95
Jim Rathert Photography!
Jim Rathert 2019 Christmas Ornament
JR2019ORN $14.95
Two NEW Designs from Jim Rathert Photography!
Featuring Indigo Buntings and Painted Buntings
See purple text box below to Order
Indigo Bunting  Pair
2 Bunting Mug