Steve & Regina Garr
photo of Steve and Regina Garr
Steve & Regina Garr are the owners
and founders of Birds-I-View. The
Company was founded as a mail order
catalog in 1991 (
in addition to the
retail store Steve opened in 1978)
and in January 2003 opened the
Birds-I-View brick and mortar location
in the Nashville, TN area. In 2005 the
business was moved to Jefferson City,
Missouri (Steve is a Nashville native
and Regina hails from Missouri!)
We invite everyone to visit us at
our retail store location!
512 Ellis Blvd/ STE W
Jefferson City, MO 65101
573-638-BIRD (2473)
BIRDS-I-VIEW is committed to providing products and information
that benefit wildlife.  Birds-I-View’s product line and educational
services are based on Steve’s more than 40 years of experience in
retailing Wild Bird and Nature products. Steve opened his retail store
in 1978 and Regina has been assisting him since the mid 1980s!

Steve is a Life Member of the North American Bluebird Society and Birds-I-
View is a "Corporate Member" of that organization.
Steve is a past
President , former Vice-president, and a past member of the Board of
Directors of NABS.
The Garrs are also co-founders of two separate State Bluebird
Societies. Steve is the current President of the Missouri Bluebird
Society (MOBS)and Regina is the Society's secretary as well as the
Newsletter Editor.
Birds-I-View is a staunch supporter of the Annual
Missouri Bluebird Conference and has been since the organization's inception
in 2006.

They are also proud to be on the Board of Directors of the River
Bluffs Audubon Society in Jefferson City , MO and are grateful for the
MANY good works this organization does! Each year, Birds-I-View
hosts a "DONATION DAYS"  Sale in which they donate 10 % of all
their sales over a two day period to this local Audubon Chapter.
Additionally, Birds-I-View hosts a "Seed Sale" annually to allow
birders to "book" their bird seed and purchase it at considerable
savings through River Bluffs Audubon. This is the chapter's primary
fund raising source for their commendable educational and
conservation activities.

Steve & Regina were Life Members of the Hummer/Bird Study Group and enthusiastic
supporters of that fine organization. Much of Steve experience in banding
Hummingbirds (particularly "Wintering Hummingbirds') has been in conjunction with
HBSG. Steve and Regina our both grateful to the late Bob Sargent and to Martha
Sargent for the time, friendship, and xpertise- and for sharing all of those with us over
the years.  
We also HEARTILY endorse the good work and educational material provided
by Lanny Chambers. Please visit his site at :

We can't say enough good things about the Missouri River Bird
Observatory! We are currently participating in their "Backyard Bird
Banding" project via our Bird Garden here at our store, as well as
their state-wide "Purple Martin Project" via our two Martin colonies
here in Jefferson City, MO.  Their dedication to research, education
and outreach is an enormous benefit to conservation in Missouri. We
are members of MRBO and urge you to become one as well! Visit their
website at:  

It is our desire to support Wildlife Conservation and Educational
programs on as many fronts as possible. In addition to the above
projects and our own educational seminars, Birds-I-View is an
Ambassador for the Annual "Great Backyard Bird Count"
by Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and
hosts a "Big Sit Bird Count" each year
in October.  
Of course we certainly do not do our work to attain awards or special
recognition. Still we would like to express our sincere gratitude to those
organizations who have bestowed such honors on us:  
North American Bluebird Society: The "John and Nora Lane Award" for a
lifetime of outstanding contributions to Bluebird Conservation.
River Bluffs Audubon Society: for dedication and contributions to wildlife
Nashville City Parks: for volunteer and educational efforts via our Nest Box
Trail at Shelby Bottoms
Bluebirds Across Nebraska: Bluebird Conservation
Tennessee Dept of Environment and Conservation: The "Environmental
Stewardship Award".
Our sincere appreciation to the other kind folks who have acknowledged our
s --we are genuinely grateful.   
512 Ellis Blvd
Jefferson City, MO 65101
About Us
We sell only North American
Bluebird Society-approved nest
boxes. Available on our
Bluebirds page.
Hummingbirds are among
our favorite birds. To find out
more about hummingbirds
and the feeders we have, see
our Hummingbirds page.
The Ultimate answer
guide for anyone
interested in learning
more about Bluebirds, to
help manage a Bluebird
trail or just to enjoy
Bluebirds in your yard.

Sorry- this FABULOUS
book  is no longer in print,
however if you can get
your hands on a copy you
will find  great advice
from Birds-I-View owner
Steve Garr
on several of
the pages!  (Steve was
included as one of the
expert contributors ).
hummingbird on Oasis Hummingbird Feeder
Bluebird Monitor's Guide
We proudly support the efforts of the Great Smoky Mountain
Association and have been members for a long time.
We love the Great Smoky Mountains National park and urge you to
visit soon......maybe you'll see us there!
Steve and Regina Garr, Birds-I-View
above: Steve Garr  bands
a Ruby-throated
hummingbird at his
hummer garden (below) in
middle Tennessee
(FYI: Please note!
Handling /possessing a
hummingbird or any native
wild bird requires a
ABOVE: Steve awards
good friend and fellow  
board member, Jim
Rathert,  the Missouri
Bluebird Society "True Blue
Service Award"!
ABOVE (L -R)  Author,  
Bluebird Expert , and
long-time friend Dr. David
Pitts with Regina and Steve
Garr at the 2012 Missouri
Bluebird Conference.