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Cone -shaped Baffle    SB8SE
Pole Mount designed to fit 1/2 inch to
one inch poles - including shepherd's
hooks. Keep Squirrels from climbing
poles to get to feeders! Made of steel
in the USA!
Nature House "in-box" House Sparrow
live trap
Replaces the existing door on Nature House
brand Purple Martin Houses
Swirl Weather Dome
A great addition to your Aspects tube
feeders is the "Swirl Weather Dome".
The dome is designed to help keep the
bird seed dry and fresh for your birds.
An easy way to make that tube feeder
special is to add a "Swirl Dome" and a
"Swirl Tray" they will turn your
everyday feeder into a beautiful
masterpiece in your yard.
Hanging Baffle Weather Guard
This durable Plexiglas hanging squirrel Baffle also makes a terrific Weather Guard over many feeders. Includes chain, two small "S" hooks and one hook for feeder. Provides 17 inches diameter coverage.