All of our Bluebird nest boxes
are North American Bluebird
Society approved
Nest Box Inspection Mirror
Monitor your boxes and enjoy the life cycle of Bluebirds
Birds-I-View Nesting Box
BIVBB101 $26.95
Western Cedar Bluebird Nesting Box. Side opening. Easy to clean and monitor. Extra roof overhang helps protect the birds from the elements and predators.
Birds-I-View Exclusive!
Spiral Cafe Deck Mount
Sale Price:
Birds-I-View Exclusive
A great way to enjoy more birds right outside your window. The deck rail clamp will adjust to fit your deck rail up to 4 inches. More coil attach feeding cups can be added as needed.
Download a  "Nest Box
Monitoring Form"
Hanging Metal Mealworm Feeder
Easy to clean and fill design
Here is an easy way to feed your bluebirds without feeding unwanted starlings. The 1 1/2 inch mesh wire will also protect the food from squirrels and robins. The protective roof lifts easily to add mealworms.
Erva Bluebird Feeder
Sky Cafe Bluebird Feeder
Our most colorful Bluebird Feeder. You will enjoy how the transperent blue cover highlights your bluebirds and brings out their beautiful color. Your new easy to use feeder is ready to post mount or hang. Make sure you place this feeder where you can see and experience the entire family of bluebirds every time they visit your yard.
Sky Cafe Bluebird Feeder
AR400 $84.95
Birds-I- View has the best selection of bluebird feeders available. We have personally tested all of the
bluebird feeders we sell and you can always email us if you have any questions on our products or about
any feeder.
Hanging Glass Dish
Add another feeder when it is needed. Our glass dishes are great for feeding jelly, nuts or even meal worms. Easy to clean and easy to use.
Hanging Glass Dish
Nest Box Portals
Now you can protect your nest box entrance from chewing squirrels and from woodpeckers! The Nuthatch entrance is also recommended for Titmice and Carolina Wrens. All portals are individally packed and come with 4 screws. The 2 x 2 outside demensions allow you to protect slightly damaged and enlarged entrance holes on your nest boxes.
Metal Nest Box Portal
Find out more about the  Missouri Bluebird Conference !
Controlling Heat
inside nest boxes!
Click here
Blue Flower Feeder for Bluebirds
The adorable Bluebird pair
above share mealworms and
other treats at this hanging
"flower shaped" feeder. Small
plastic dish removes easily for
filling and cleaning. Feeder
holder and hanger made of
sturdy metal. Note the cute blue
heart shaped decoration at top
of feeder!
B6FLBLUE   Blue Flower Feeder
for Bluebirds
Above "Hanging Flower Feeder" also
available in
orange for Orioles and
other species.  Order it
Download the
"Feeding Bluebirds"
written by Steve and Regina Garr
Safflower /Sunflower Hearts Feeder
Read more about the
Safflower/Sunflower Hearts
Dad watches as his young
learn to eat
meal worms on their own
BIV Treat Tower- Four Story with Cage
EXCLUSIVELY from Birds-I-View and
designed by Steve Garr:
The BIV Treat Tower
The BIV Treat
is available
FOUR story
or Three story
However only
the three story
style is
to be shipped.

See both