Arundale Sky Cafe
Huge 17" dome protects seed not only from squirrels but also from rain and snow. Wrap around seed tray accommodates your favorite birds like Cardinals and Finches. Made in the USA and can be pole mounted or hung.
Arundale Sky Cafe
Bird Feeders
The Sky Cafe
Made in
Protects you bird
from squirrels,
blowing rain and
BIV Favorite!
Safflower /Sunflower Hearts Feeder
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action" on the Birds-I-View
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This sturdy metal feeder is designed for White Safflower Seed (and it works wonderfully for that) but we also LOVE it for feeding Coarse Sunflower HEARTS (no shell). Pictured here, the Pine Siskins at our house are really taking advantage of the Sunflower Hearts we are providing! This feeder is Easy to Clean and the large metal tray on bottom means less seed falls to the ground. Feeder holds about 1 1/4 quarts of Safflower or Coarse Sunflower Hearts. One of our favorite feeders for Finches and Pine Siskins!
Large Recycled plastic Hanging Tray Feeder
Durable recycled material, heavy-duty screws, steel hanger, and quality craftsmanship (made in the USA!) make this hanging tray feeder one that will last a lifetime. 16 inch x 13 inch tray.
Small Hanging Tray Feeder
Same materials and quality craftsmanship as our BCRECHTL Feeder only in a smaller size - 10 inches x 10 inches. Made in the USA of recycled plastic!
Fill the "Safflower / Sunflower Hearts
Feeder" with Coarse Sunflower HEARTS
and it becomes a Bluebird favorite!
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Cardinals DO love a
nice platform or
"Hanging Tray
This photo
taken in the
Bird Garden
by owner
Steve Garr
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our favorite
Recycled Plastic
Bird Feeders
Whole Peanut Feeder!
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BIV Whole Peanut Feeder
Exclusively from Birds-I-View: Designed and hand-crafted by BIV owner Steve Garr. An Easy, CLEAN way to feed so many of your favorite birds. Cardinals, Blue Jays, Tufted Titmouse, Nuthatches, Woodpeckers and Chickadees all love peanuts in the shell. HOWEVER....starlings and grackles usually do NOT eat them! Easy to fill and made of sturdy, durable materials.
BIV Exclusive!
BIV Exclusive!
Dove Guard for Sky Cafe
The metal "Dove Guard" is made specifically for the Sky Cafe Bird Feeder and attaches to the tray to assist in deterring doves and other large birds (such as Grackles) from dominating the feeder.