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Rabbit Creek gourmet  
Food is
always an
appropriate Gift .
See the tasty selections
on this page
Rabbit Creek Brownie Mixes
Our Favorite Brownies!
These are Wonderfully Gooey Brownies and easy to prepare! The Creme Brulee mix is the perfect combination of toffee and chocolate. The Mississippi Mudd mix has a rich fudge frosting. Other flavors include: Chocolate Peanut butter, Amazing Wine Brownie mix, and Salted Caramel Crunch! Each makes an 8 x 8 inch pan of rich brownies. All are attractively packaged and perfect for gift-giving.
Quick and Easy ....
Recipes for your
next Backyard
Click here for Recipes and don't
miss the recipe for
"Festive Deviled
It is always a
favorite and SURE to
win you rave reviews.
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"Alice's Cottage"
Gifts are perfect for
anyone who loves
Birds & Nature
See the Design Examples below
and then check out our
Cottage Gift Page!
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Alice's Cottage
Gift Page!
Take a LOOK
Jim Rathert's New line of Mugs:
"Wild Indigo" Series
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ABOVE: This special
"Little Bird Nest Box
Kit" was carefully
designed and
handcrafted by
Birds-I-View Owner
Steve Garr to be the
BEST nest box for  
smaller native
cavity-nesters like
Carolina Wrens,
Chickadees, and Tufted
Order it
By Customer request,
we now stock
Starr Decoy Christmas
Hand carved and hand painted
in Vermont!
Our Motto at Birds-I-View: "Eat while you watch Birds Eat!"
Few things are as much fun as watching the birds at your bird feeders
while sharing a yummy snack or a great cup of coffee with good friends.
Check out one of our most popular pages : Our
Gourmet Food and
Coffee Page

See unique Recipes on our
Gourmet Food Page too!
This Butterfly image available on the Jim
Rathert Gift Page!
Jim Rathert Photography
Great nature images on Mugs,
Coasters and more!