Nature House Purple Martin Houses
Nature HouseTwelve Room Safety system with Pole
A traditional 12 room Purple Martin house that is easy to clean and care for your Martins. The house comes complete with 14 ft. pole and top perch.
NHMSS12 $339.99
Martin Houses can be raised
and lowered like a flag with a
special safety system that stops
the house if you let go of the
rope. This feature makes them
the safest Martin Houses
available. They are designed
with light weight, long lasting
aluminum with a baked enamel
finish. Each house has easy
opening doors, winter door
stops (to keep out unwanted
birds before and after nesting
season) and dry nest floors (to
help protect the young). All
Nature House houses have an
additional perch on top of the
pole and guard rails that serve
as perches.
Attracting Purple Martins
Written by J.L. Wade the authority on Purple Martins. He was the driving force behind the multi-room houses for Purple Martins. This book not only teaches you how to attract Purple Martins but also how to protect them from predators and other problems your colony might experience.
Attracting Purple Martins
Birds-I-View, LLC
Purple Martins
Systems pictured below are with the
traditional Rope & Pulley system- Please
call or email about pricing and details for
Crank (winch system) models
"Our" martins at our Store in
Jefferson City, MO!
Above: Birds-I-View owner Steve Garr lowers
one of the houses at his Stadium Blvd colony in
Jefferson City, Missouri. Even though this colony is
near a busy intersection "in town" Steve has installed a
raccoon/snake baffle on the poles of both houses in this
Above: Each Nature House
Purple Martin house is designed
with doors which open
individually for each
compartment (a real benefit
when inspecting houses during
nesting season!). Here, Steve
Garr, Birds-I-View owner and a
39 year martin house landlord,
inspects one of his Purple Martin
houses. Photo circa 1989.
Use of any of the photographs on this page without the
written consent of Steve or Regina Garr is prohibited.
Use of any of the photographs on this
page without the written consent of
Steve or Regina Garr is prohibited.
Nature House Spare-o-Door
Replaces compartment doors on NATURE HOUSE martin houses to humanely catch invading House Sparrows (entrance hole is too small for martins but allows the house sparrow to enter). Is NOT a universal product....only fits Nature House Martin Houses and will fit all martin houses pictured on this page.
Nature House Sparrow Trap
The ST-1 Sparrow Trap has heavy galvanized wire netting, 2 bait cups, and trip perches. Live trap can be mounted on post or set on ground. Two trapping compartments with a center holding compartment. Bait with nest material for best results. When a trap is in use it should be closely monitored! Assembled. Live Trap, does not harm birds. Pole mount or place on the ground; 2 trap compartments, plus one holding. Size: 21"x10-3/4"x6-3/4" 6 lbs.
NHST1 $69.99
Nature House Mini Castle with Pole
Two story 12 room popular hex shape Purple Martin House with 14 ft. Pole.
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Purple Martin
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